Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain To Survive Long

Motorcycle chain is an essential part of your motorcycle. In order to survive long should you know how to care for motorcycle chains. If you take care of your bike chain, indirectly will save your finances. Like when your bike chain corrode or rust due to the rainy season. Stagnant water was everywhere will result in muddy and slippery and if splashed in the water then indirectly be on your bike chain so that the potential for greater rusting. Below is a presentation how to care for your motorcycle chain.

1. Set a regular chain

Hospital chain in the chain will often durable. Setting the chain does not mean it should be tightened or just loosen the chain, but only to note is a series of tire and rim lock that needs to be set straight. According to the mechanic who is experienced that the chain adjustment should be done after your bike has taken over approximately 1000 kilometers.

In addition, the chain tension to note as well and should be in position 5-25 millimeters of normal chain position means the distance between the normal position when not in hold with maximal position when the sides met was about chains (chains up and down in the hold ) in general, or can be seen on the cover of the chain wheel sticker.

Adjustment does not just tighten or loosen the chain, but also set the locking pin connections and clean the dirt or dust. It is recommended to do this every motorcycle chain adjustment has run 1,000 km. Check the chain tension! Preferably in positions 5-25 millimeters.

To determine the size, can be seen at the mall or a standard line that is in the towing chain at the lower end of the rear wheels shock breaker. Distance measure or degree of firmness can also be seen from the sticker on the lid of the chain wheel. In the New Scorpio Z motors, New V-Ixion and New Jupiter MX will be no indication on the motorcycle tire round. You can observe the picture below

2. Clean dirt

Do not let dirt stick in your bike chain. Dirt is usually made up of dust, dirt, oil or other things so that the dirt will erode your chain slowly. So it is better to clean the chain with gasoline or diesel oil or spray specifically for motorcycle chain (not a promotion ... but I have compared the different brands and the best chain cleaner is the brand CARRERA XP-1000) because when I wear my chain of life becomes more longer than when using other cleaners. Chain cleaners are widely sold in shopping malls in your city. Never give your used motor oil on your chain because it's used oil containing metals will erode your bike chain.

Dirt stuck on the sidelines of a good chain of dust, mud, or other debris stuck to the chain lubricant. If left unchecked, these impurities can cause rapid chain dry, rusty, and premature wear due to brittle. Therefore, it is advisable to diligently clean the dirt once a month. After the dirt was cleaned, done back in the chain lubrication motor.

3. Note the position of Chain

The position of the chain is also very influential on your bike chain resilience. If your bike chain positioning itself oblique so that the chain will rub another part of itself and resulted in certain parts will be eroded as well. And do not let the chain of your bike if noises are not as loud as before.

So a bit of how to care for your motorcycle chain motorcycle chain so that you last.